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Offering specialty oriental street foods since 1956

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Noodle Bar:

With or without chilli  please state preference when ordering


All 3 meals below can be served as VEGAN. (Both chicken and prawns are replaced by Tofu)


 1.  Pad Thai: £11.95

Egg noodles are pan fried with chicken and king prawns, onions, spring onions and bean sprouts, flavoured with garlic, light and dark soy, peanut, fish sauce and fresh coriander, topped with a fried free-range egg, garnished with dark soy, fresh coriander, hand ground peanuts and served with a wedge of lime.

King Prawns Only: £13.95


 2.  Doh Ban: £11.40

Egg noodles are pan fried with chicken and king prawns, onions, spring onions, bean sprouts and fine beans, flavoured with spicy red bean paste, tomato, garlic and soy sauce, finished with a black bean chilli oil and garnished with chilli flakes, crispy fried onions, chives and dark soy.

King Prawns Only: £13.40


 3.  Kampong Udon: £10.95

Udon noodles are pan fried with chicken and king prawns, onions, cabbage, bean sprouts and fine beans, flavoured with garlic and sweet soy. Garnished with chives and crispy fried onions.

King Prawns Only: £12.95


Crispy Chicken Parcels (x3) £5.90

Chicken breast is hand minced and flavoured with Chinese spice, garlic and pepper, wrapped in a thin pastry, deep fried until golden brown and crispy, served with homemade sweet chilli relish.                                

Chicken Satay Skewers (x2): £6.25

Hand cut chicken breast. Marinated in lemon grass, galanga and Malaysian curry spice, deep fried until crispy. Served with traditional homemade satay dipping sauce. Garnished with shredded cucumber, crushed peanuts and a wedge of lime to squeeze on top.                                 

Shanghai Swey Jaow (x3):  £6.25

Dumplings.   Hand minced king prawn and chicken is flavoured with Chinese chives, garlic, ginger, pepper and oyster sauce, placed in an egg pastry and poached. Garnished with homemade black bean chilli oil, soy sauce and chives.                                                                 

Xia Juan (x3): £6.25

King Prawns are seasoned with Malaysian spice and wrapped in thin pastry. Deep fried until golden brown, garnished with chives and served with homemade sweet chilli relish.                                                             

Crispy Roast Duck roll (x3): £6.25

Chinese roast duck is finely chopped and pan fried infused with Chinese spices, mixed with water chestnut, flavoured with chives and garlic. Wrapped in a light pastry and deep fried until golden brown. Served  with Hoi Sin sauce and garnished with chives.

Vegetable Roll (Jumbo): £2.80

Filled with Rice, Chinese mushroom, sweet corn, cabbage, and flavoured with ginger, garlic, Chinese spice and white pepper. Deep fried and served with sweet chilli relish.

Thai Prawn crackers: £3.20

With homemade sweet chilli relish.



French Fries:

Gourmet French fries:  £3.00

Highest quality potatoes, Pre-seasoned with a coating that includes sunflower oil, salt, rice flour and turmeric. 

Sausage and French Fries: £5.80

2 x Thick Sausages, served with gourmet French fries and tomato Ketchup.   

Scampi and Chips: £7.90

Wholetail Scampi, served with gourmet chips tartar sauce and a lemon wedge.           

All food may contain: Wheat, Crustaceans, Egg, Fish, Peanuts, Soybeans, Nuts, Milk, Celery, Mustard, Sesame and mollusc.

Allergies: We cannot avoid cross contamination of allergens due to how we prepare food. A waiver will need to be signed

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