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Cooking street food
for 5 Generations

Ziangs at the Weir welcomes you to our website.

Our Phone: 01643 863215

(During busy periods we may not be able to answer the phone)

We're Moving : 

Some of you may be aware that there is a new Ziangs opening in Minehead on the Avenue, next to the Cod Shop, while this is great news for some, there is a down side. Ziangs 35a on the avenue won’t be a new place, it’s where Ziangs on the weir is moving to. 

After nearly 13 years at Porlock Weir it’s with great sorrow that we are leaving.

Our time at the weir has been amazing, the people even more so, and if a more appropriate place that could handle the volume of customers came up on the market, we’d be back in a flash!

However it’s time to say farewell to the Weir, for the moment at least and hello to this new adventure. 

We are aiming to be operational before the school Easter holiday.

Thank you all for your support and understanding!

Please revisit this site for up to date information 

Hopefully see you all soon in Minehead. 


The Ziangs team.



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